CATMOR believes all cats deserve full tummies

Every feline deserves a meal that’ll make them feel like the cat’s meow. That’s why we whisker away our days crafting delicious, nutritionally balanced cat food that’ll keep your furry friends feline fine!

Our meals are chock-full of wholesome ingredients, guaranteed to have your kitty licking their whiskers with delight, and we’ve got nothing to hide – no artificial stuff here, just natural flavours and yummy aromas.

We don’t stop at great food. We want to make a great impact too!

At CATMOR, we believe every cat should have a full tummy, and we’re not afraid to paws for a cause. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the Do More Foundation to support cats in need with generous donations of our nutritious cat food.

CATMOR loves all cats, and cats love CATMOR right back.