Corporate Governance
Names of Directors Category
Mr. Raymond Ah-Chuen
Non-Executive Chairman
Mr. David Brian Ah-Chuen
Deputy Chairman
Mr. André Marc Ah-Chuen
Managing Director
Mr. Edouard Ah-Chuen
Executive Director
Mr. Daniel Ah-Chuen
Executive Director
Professor Donald Ah-Chuen
Non-Executive Director
Mr. Vincent Ah-Chuen
Non-Executive Director
Mr. Philip Ah-Chuen
Non-Executive Director
Mr. Hai Ping Chung Tung
Independent Director
Mr. Ah-Lan Lam Yan Foon
Independent Director

Alternate directors Mr. Mark Cedric Ah Chuen acts as alternate director to Mr. André Marc Ah-Chuen Mr. David Brian Ah-Chuen acts as alternate director to Mr. Raymond Ah-Chuen Mr. Patrick Andrew Dean Ah-Chuen acts as alternate director to Professor Donald Ah-Chuen Mrs. Valerie Ah-Chuen acts as alternate director to Mr. Vincent Ah-Chuen

Chue Wing has a service agreement with ABC Professional & Secretarial Services Ltd (‘ABCPS’) for the provision of company secretarial services. ABCPS provides assistance and information on governance and corporate administration issues. The Company Secretary is responsible for ensuring that Board procedures are followed and that applicable laws and regulations are complied with. It also has the primary responsibility for guiding the Board with regard to their duties and responsibilities.

ABCPS is also responsible for taking accurate and precise Board minutes which are then submitted for approval at the next meeting. The Company Secretary also acts as Secretary to all committees and the minutes of all committee meetings are tabled at Board meetings for the Board to take note of the deliberations and recommendations formulated by such committees. ABCPS is also the primary channel of communication between the Company and its shareholders as well as the regulatory bodies.

ABCPS is represented by Mrs. Cindy Larose, ACIS. Mrs. Larose has more than 11 years’ experience in the corporate secretarial field and is an Associate of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (ICSA). She is also a member of the MIoD.