ūüĆü How to Participate:

  1. Get Your Emco Muesli Box:
    • Purchase or use an Emco¬†Muesli ¬†box as the primary material for your craft. Make sure it’s clean and ready for your creative touch!
  2. Choose Your Crafting Theme:
    • Select a theme for your craft project. It could be anything from your favorite adventure to an imaginary world. Let your imagination soar!
  3. Gather Your Crafting Supplies:
    • Collect additional crafting materials such as scissors, glue, paints, markers, and any other items you need to bring your creation to life.
  4. Capture Your Creativity:
    • Take clear photos or a short video showcasing your craft project. Make sure the Emco¬†Muesli box is a prominent part of your creation.
  5. Follow Us on Social Media:
    • Make sure you’re following¬†Emco Mauritius on [Instagram/Facebook] This is where we’ll be sharing updates and announcing the winners!
  6. Fill the EmcoCraftChallenge Form :
    • Responsible party fill the EmcoCraftChallenge Form and Upload their pictures/videos.
  7. Submission Deadline:
    • The deadline for submissions is¬†30 January 2024. Make sure to get your entry in before then!
  8. Prizes:
    • The most creative entries with the most likes will have a chance to win fantastic prizes, including¬†Gravity Active, Voucher at Kingjouets, Emco Bundle.¬†All Post will be publish on Emco page on 31 January and winners(most likes) will be announced on ¬†03 February 2024
  9. Spread the Word:
    • Encourage your friends to join the EmcoCraftChallenge too! The more, the merrier.

ūüöÄ Let Your Creativity Shine and Have Fun!¬†ūüöÄ

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