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Almond Breeze Vegan Range

Almond Breeze is available in 6 different flavors that includes sweetened and unsweetened variants.

Asian Drinks

The Yeo’s soft beverages are made with traditional recipes, which are blended to have the authentic taste. The traditional ready-to- go Asian drinks are perfect anytime for any occasion. Available in the different flavors: Grass Jelly, Grass Jelly Lychee, Grass Jelly Winter Melon, Lychee Drink, Chrysanthemum Tea and Iced Tea Lemon


Juscool drinks are lightly carbonated and refreshing. They are made with real fruit juice and contains less sugar and calories than regular carbonated drinks. Suitable for those who are health conscious, Juscool drinks are available in different flavors: Apple, Grape and Peach


Tablelands offers a range of healthy and delicious margarines: Tablelands Olive Oil 500g & 1kg  Tablelands Reduced Cholesterol Absorption 500g  Tablelands Dairy Free Buttery Spread 500g Tablelands Original Spread 500g


Internationally recognised as the finest beer in China, Tsingtao is an incredibly smooth and easy to drink pilsner. Tsingtao is available in two variants: Premium Lager and Strong Lager.